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Made in Italy

What is Made in Italy? Technically speaking, the term Made in Italy refers to Italian artisan and industrial production and the quality of the materials used, aesthetic appeal, attention to detail, and the taste for beautiful, long-lasting products that has often led Italian products to excel in international markets.

The reasons for this worldwide success are to be found in Italy’s historical-cultural and artistic traditions. Italy has a very rich and diversified aesthetic and environmental heritage. In the same way that a plant draws its life and nourishment from the soil through its roots, the craftsmanship and remarkable creative flair of Italian-made products derive from our artistic and cultural legacy.

The history of Italian tradition therefore deserves to be safeguarded and we as Italian producers are committed to maintaining the quality and design standards that customers expect to find when they buy a product that has been really made in Italy.

We at Oro&Più Gioielli support those who safeguard Italian quality products by producing only in Italy.