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 Vulcan's Workshop

Vulcan's Workshop

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 This is a Estore themed with *BUY IT NOW* Silver Solders, Unique 3rd hands, Soldering Kits, Fluxes, Chemicals, Polishes, Grits, Tools, Lapidary Items and unique necessary things including Buck Beaver brand Fluxes. Costs to you are low with creative, cost saving shipping and fast delivery.
Hi, We are closed from Dec 17th thru Jan 2nd.
It might seem counter-intuitive for a store to close  at Christmas, but we sell primarily to DIY type people.
Anyhow, we shall return with some new products and a better attitude!
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family,

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Just So You Know!

Where did the time go??
Well, It's Christmas Time!
I see this as a very good thing, specially if you actually FEEL the best reasons for the Season.
It happens that I unfortunately am somewhat strangled by poor health, lack of time and help.
Kits are going to require a longer time for production, something like a week for kits which have attached Soldering Pads, Storks, Hitching Posts...all the stuff I make, one way or another!

Solder Types and Use

Need to Know More About Soldering and Brazing?

Click the above link and read our Hard and Soft solders Guide. It might not be all you need but will be a darn good start! Print a copy, for something free it actually has value!

Need to Know More About 3rd Hands and Uses?

Click the above link and read our new 3rd Hands/Helping Hands Guide. We have so many varieties that the ideas behind them need some sorting.

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